About Me



Cecilia Moller, who am I?

I work with various magazines all over the world and my pictures
can been seen in over15 different countries. Features are made in
collaboration with talented stylists and writers to deliver the best
material possible.. While I mainly shoot interior and food, life style
portraits are something I am passionate about and I have the
pleasure of working with TV4 (Sweden) providing them with press

Some of my pictures are sold with Johner, and others at Stockfood
and Living4media.

Send me an email if you are interested in anything you think I can
provide for you. Do you have food that you want photographed? A book? Want to order pictures for your magazine/website? I can put together a great team that will make it happen.

I am based in Mantorp, a small village in the south of Sweden, but travel all around the world for work. I find that it is a perfect place to restore and feel rooted in between traveling. When I do not work, I find myself enjoying the company of tea, family and friends. On the topic of friends, they call me their "Sugar mama" since I always have at least two cakes and cinnamon rolls in the freezer.